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HairClub (formerly Hair Club for Men, also Hair Club for Men and Women) is an American hair restoration, hair regrowth, and hair replacement company with locations in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.


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Ace says

"Don’t even waste your money because I promise you, you’re never going to get it back. My package has been missing since December 22nd of 2020 and when I contacted them, via email the next day, that was the last I’ve ever heard from them. It’s now January 16 2021 and I still haven’t received my package or a refund/cancellation of my order. I’ve called everyday this week and everyone basically tells me they don’t know anything and that they’ll “pass it on,” whatever that means. Why isn’t there a direct line for orders and refunds and why don’t they respond to their emails. I’ve sent over 5 emails since the first and haven’t gotten a response for any of them! Also why do you have different departments and you’re employee’s are unaware of what they even do and how to even contact them. I’m beyond frustrated; their products are very expensive and now I’m stuck with a bill for an item I never even got!"

Jeff says

"I have been a HCM client for 28 years. I pay for my program a year in advance. My most recent contract expires this month. I was there today and was asked to renew. I asked about the 2 months that I was not able to get those 2 services or one of my new systems while the center was closed due to COVID. I thought the right thing to do was extend existing contract to March to make up for those 2 months or reduce the renewal price by the $798 I paid for those 2 months but received nothing. They were not willing to do anything to make this right. I did not renew and will look for other options if not made whole. This is not the right way to run a business or treat any customer especially one that has been faithful for 28 years and has never complained even when things have gone wrong on occasion. This, however, has me feeling very disappointed in this company. I absolutely love my stylist and have been happy here for these 28 years and don’t want to leave, but I can’t be treated unfairly.
I have not received any contact as of Jan 19. I was told when I was there the GM would call me, but haven’t heard anything. I emailed her last week with no response yet. Who should I contact to discuss my concern. Thanks."

Maribel says

"My scalp was burn sow bad with the tape an glue they dint do nothing about it needed to go to see a Doctor an they confirm me thats wat it was an they dint do nothing about it .. to many complains nothing done..😣"

Allison Thompson says

"I wish I had never heard of hair club. I spent over $35k over 7 years of service. In July 2019, I stopped the service. I have since been growing out my bio hair. The original alopecia, which was just in spots, is easy to camouflage. What I can’t camouflage, is the traction alopecia I experienced across the entire area where the system was attached. They never warned my about this occurring. This company is a predator who preys on other’s misfortune. Please, do your research. There are so many better ways to deal with hair loss that don’t involve permanently scarring your scalp and spending $10’s of thousands of dollars in the process."

Rina Saverino says

"Very upset did not get my new hair last month because didn't come in. I've been coming here for 6 years had some NSF hard times but always paid before my next appointment, during COVID payment still came out but no service! I'm at the Woodbridge location my hair finally in but because I have the October NSF they will not put my hair n the manager said she is too busy to talk to me when they know I have always paid. I'm very upset now ! This is horrible service I have sent allot of business this way !!"

Tom says

"Was told in person & by the advertisements you can workout, swim, jet ski, etc with their “hair system”. The “System” is a hairpiece glued to your head- which does NOT withstand swimming or workouts. If you are active, the glue breaks down in a day or two, and will easily come off, especially the front hairline piece. It’s too bad, because it totally changed my appearance & took 20 years off, but the constant worry about it coming loose wasn’t worth the cost. It ended up coming off in the shower and I didn’t go back."

Teri Aiken says

"I signed up july 18th in winnipeg. Now not even 30days later im trying to cancel my membership because i just cant afford it. I called the centre and was told the manager would call me back. I still havent heard from her. I also sent her an email...still nothing. I guess she doesnt want to lose her commission. I told them not to send me anything or try to charge my card because payment wont go through. I just want them to send me the cancellation papers and be done. Jeeze."

Chris Capizzuto says

"July 25th 2020, I was meeting a Hair Expert at Hair Club in White Plains, NY. She claimed she had 40 yrs experience so I listened carefully to her. They talked me into buying a Laser Cap for 1600, a 12 month membership for 3599 and handed me a bottle of shampoo. As I left the building I called my best friend. He laughed and said I just joined a cult and got suckered! So I turned around and drove back. Headed upstairs and asked for a refund to my card. I was told No. The laser was a Medical device and can’t be returned even tho it was never opened or used and only in my possession 30 mins. As I looked in disbelief they started to insult me saying I’d be totally bald in six months w/o the hat. That women prefer men with hair!!! As for my $3599, it’s been 5 days and still haven’t credited my card yet, was told they waiting for Corporate to approve it!!! very shady company and turns out that Mary, this expert, was a only a hair stylist at a beauty parlor for 40 yrs. lol please help me if anyone knows how to get my $$$ back."

Marshall Medrano says

"I was contacted by Fernan Corbella about 6 o'colck P.M. regarding a discount on services that would cost me 3900.00. When I went to HairClub in the spring, he quoted a price of 3500.00. After explaining the difference in price, Mr. Corbella went back to the original price quoted but I had to make a decision by 7:00 P.M., which gave me little time to make a constructive decision. I ask Mr. Corbella to explain the 400.00 cost difference, which he could not do. People need to be honest in order to attract business. Beware of Greeks baring gifts!"

Raja Gudipudi says

I am Raja Gudipudi. Joined the program in the month of July 2019 .
Started a bronze program from feb 2020 but still I didn’t get my first head of hair and been charged over these months

My last head of hair which I got in the month of December is a crap and they agreed to replace but that didn’t happen till date.

I should be getting my hoh get replaced as part of my previous program which’s expired and I didn’t get any services through my new program except for a salon visit

And there are lot of things they hid/didn’t disclose which mislead me in deciding to get into program or not

I believe this is not correct way or ethical way to do business"

Larry Theyorkie says

"they continued to charge people during Covid when they were closed. The only way to avoid it is if you contacted them, otherwise they stole money..These people are a joke..I was a member for 8 years, and now finally have freedom..there are numerous places that you can buy the same and much better hair systems for 25% of the price..and if you find a real professional hair stylist, [unlike the ultra cut graduates they use,] you will not have to replace your substandard HC wig for up to 6 months with LITTLE or no shedding, unlike their cheap Yak hair that they call human....also DO NOT USE THEIR CHEAP GARBAGE PRODUCTS MADE IN CHINA...USE real shampoo n conditioner...which they dont approve of however THEY CLAIM ITS REAL HAIR SO WHY NOT USE A REAL PRODUCT, not the laundry detergent they sell as shampoo which basically ensures your hair will shed......also, anybody notice the EXCUSES after every complaint..This place NEVER owns up to ttheir mistakes...sorry is not in their manuals..its always the customer. I hope as competition begins to open, [for a fact I know in Canada there is a lot of money behind a group starting a single salon, financed by people with very deep pockets that were all ripped off by HC...The management should have to know something about business..the manager at my HC, isnt qualified to ride a bike never mind run a business. Thay also do not spend any money advertising with Canadian media sources and simply depend on those comical infomercials with all the guys that look like they have a squirrels glued to their head..also, they do buy lots of google ads for porn sites..never spend a dime within the communities that support them. Typical cheap foreign [ASIA] owned biz with CHEAP products all made in CHINA
If there is a reply to this from them, I will next time paste emails sent by the manager, copied to the supervisor that was a lie regarding when they were reopening. They were unhappy cuz I asked too many questions...only people with things to hide do this...I dare anyone at Hairclub to take on this review..I have so much info on the company and the people working there that they certainly would not want to be made public.
I was a member for longer than any of these people have worked there...and tipping 20.00 every time, and then looking like crap, cuz they have no interest as to what the customer wants cuz they have to do a style that will blend in with their inferior crap that they call 'real hair'....If you doubt this, take a sample to a lab as we did....or try burning a piece of hair...the best review from a lab . [which we paid 250.00 to analyze was that at best it 'MIGHT BE' some human hair and their best guess is YAK"

Gary Epps says

"COVID-19 showed peoples true colors and if anything we have learned to be more self sufficient and not have to be held hostage to places like Hair Club who are truly self centered money grubbing liars. One lie after another what a idiot I was paying these shmucks $400+ a month. I have learned to do this all myself now I get better quality of hair which cost about $400 that last for about 5 months and found a hair stylist here in town who cuts and blends it in for $50. This is much easier to do than you think folks and I can assure you if COVID-19 hits again places like Hair Club will leave you to fend for yourself and if you didn’t learn anything this time? You’ll deserve whatever happens next time and the greedy corporate pigs at Hair Club won’t give a rats ass. You will have this person Mr Brown who will come here and try and shmoooze you and put you in touch with the same filth who refused to be of any help to begin with and will lie to you again. Hair Club is a public company they only care about there greedy shareholders and greedy lying corporate managers who want you to keep paying when you have no access to service. Life is much better without forking out $400+ a month to these pigs!! Do your homework and you will find you can do this much cheaper!! I have no financial interest in telling you what I am those are the kind of people you want to listen to! I was a member for 10years in ABQ NM and the last 60+ days Hairclub showed me there true colors and one day as they keep picking your pockets they will show you there true colors also. Once a victim? Twice a volunteer! Best of luck Jim"

Victoria Strauss says

"I have had many issues. I recently joined, paid my initial amount, then was charged again for that month. That was not what we agreed on. Then came the closing due to the Covid-19 pandemic. My account was charged again although they are not officially open. Now let's talk about the products. They encourage using the Capillus Cap which I could have bought without joining their club. Next, started using their hair products and vitamins and have had more hair loss than using other products. Bottom line, don't waste your time or money, another scam business!"

Lexticiie Stone says

"Do not waste your money....they told me they were going to do a procedure to make my hair more thicker....they shaved off all my hair then gave a a fake wig. Within 1 week the hair was falling out. This is a big waste of money...I spent over $6000 for fake wigs!"

Veronica Echols says

"I feeling like i waste my money. After my years is up. I will not be going back to HairClub. If i spend my money and the workers should be able to tell you what going on with your hair. I go there once a month to gets my hair washed and pick up more products that keeps made my hair hard as a rock.And you should have to tell a stylist to trim your end. When you paid all that money to HairClub."

Rafael says

"This business offered a service that would help with certain insecurities. Sure, the system helped for a bit. But, as it turns out, the promises whispered into my ears were nothing but gilded lies. The only way for this system to be viable is if you make six figures and even then you have to abide by a strict rule book. I was told I didn't have to change my lifestyle and that the system would last if I bought into it. That was a straigh lie. Unethical businesses tend to operate this way. They lure you however they can. But as soon as you realize that it's just bait. It's too late, they already have their hooks in you. Disappointed.."

Owen Lennon says

"Since Oct 2019 until today (7/24/20) three of the Hair Club hair systems provided and applied to me have been poor in construction quality. I have been a member for 20 years and never had the problems encountered with the last three systems. Initially the system looks fine. My most recent system started out fine, then 5 days later large quantities of hair pulled out when combing or brushing. It has gotten so bad that just rubbing your hand across the hair requires you to wipe your hand with tissue to clean off the hair. Then brush your shoulders to remove excess hair. I have never experienced this problem in 20 years. My local Hair Club reps. seem very concerned and have been telling me for over 3 months they are working on the problem. Nothing has improved. The fix is out of their hands and Corporate HQ needs to get moving. I am not one to complain but when you are paying for a certain product and it is poor quality there are limited options. For three months my local Hair Club was closed for COVID 19, but they still charged me for three months fees. Recently my local Rep. indicated my monthly fee would be cut in half until the problem is corrected, this was the Reps. answer when I told him I was going to stop my automatic monthly payment. I do wish to continue my 20 year association with the Hair Club but I am exploring other options."

Paul says

"I have read the other reviews and I have the same questions...The communication is not there. I have emailed and called the Nashville center many times with no response. Why are people continued to be charged for services the are not receiving? Why is there not more communication with clients? More importantly, why aren't you giving straight answers to the questions that have been posed instead of saying, we are looking into it.

Patti J says

"Disappointed in the way they handled my contract agreement. I had a little over 2 months of hair satisfying experience for nearly $3500. I would not recommend this location to anyone.Beware of the shinanigans...."

Barbara says

"Well I have been a client for over 10 years I am appalled that they are asking me to pay a monthly bill for a service that I have not seen for hair that I have not been given for color or services. The extension of the COVID-19 nonessential business to May 18 will now make it two months that I will not be able to go to hair club how is it possible that they have the right under the law to charge me? I failed to see how that is possible. I was told by one of the managers that unless I paid my bill I could not be given an appointment I wish to speak to someone on the executive level."